2016 Podere Scopetone Rosso di Toscana

This wine is from Tuscany, but more specifically from Montalcino. Montalcino is known for its Brunellos, which are 100% Sangiovese. This wine is also 100% Sangiovese, but has some differences like an extended area of vineyards and oak again requirements. Brunellos up until 2009, needed to be aged in oak for 4 years. Since 2009 the requirements have changed to 2 years in oak and 4 months in bottle.

Rosso di Toscana has no such requirements, and really can be used to 'pay the bills' while you are waiting for the Brunellos to age.

Why is this not a Rosso di Montalcino you ask? These are kind of like 'baby Brunellos', and also can pay the bills earlier, but there is some aging in oak, and all the grapes come from Montalcino. This Rosso di Toscana from Podere Scopetone is about 20% from Montalcino and 80% comes from across the river in Montecucco. The farming is all organic, and the bottle aging is their fining process. It is fermented and aged in stainless steel, and is released after that bottle aging for 3 months.

However, I don’t want to think of this wine as just a way to pay bills. It is an awesome wine on its own, and I love the no oak! In the color you get that ruby-brick, but with some added body in it’s lack of filtering/manipulated fining. There’s lots of cherry on the scent as well as strawberry and dusty raspberries as well as slight eucalyptus and cedar. The flavors are black pepper, cherry, strawberry, dr. pepper, whole cranberry sauce, The acidity and tannins are moderate and work together to make a delicious well-balanced wine. You can find it at Waterfront Wine and Spirits for 14.99. Cheers!

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