2017 Barbera d'Alba from Gianfranco Alessandria

The winery is in Piedmont and they grow grapes of Dolcetto, Barbera, and Nebbiolo (to produce Barolo) They also have land in the Langhe area. (This is in Piedmont, but an area known for quality wines of Nebbiolo, like Barolo and Barbaresco are)

This wine is unfiltered, and only sees neutral oak for 3-4 months. Italy was very hot in 2019, and the wine reflects that with its higher ABV level of 15%.

Luckily there was a rain and cooling off period just before harvest allowing grapes to recuperate from the heat of the summer. (However, they did pick about 3 weeks earlier than usual) Because of this heat this vintage has a higher alcohol level than previous vintages. Your normal Barberas are from 13-14.5, so when I saw the ABV I was a little shocked-hence why I looked into the temps.

The tannins, alcohol, and acidity blend together and soften as the wine sits in your glass, so you may want to decant for about 15 minutes, to let the wine and flavors really open up/filter itself as the left over cells of this unfiltered wine settle to the bottom.

2017 Barbera d'Alba-Gianfranco Alessandria

The wine is red garnet, but opaque with sediment left over, due to their philosophy of keeping the wine as pure as possible.

The legs are slow forming and move fast, but then slow as the bottom gets closer. I'm thinking this speed variation is due to it not being fined, starting fast due to the heaviness, and slowing down as that heaviness is dispersed down the glass.

The aromas are of sour cherry, potpourri of dried rose, cigar ash, forest floor hummus, and of course truffles! (big area for them)

The taste is of sour cherry with softer building tannins, bakers chocolate, bitter coffee, dried blueberry, tart raspberry/strawberry, and cranberry sauce.

Long finish, that leaves you with that acidic and hence thirst quenching need to drink another glass!

Perfect paired with pasta and truffles-a traditional dish to pair this wine with