What......Not all wines are Vegan?!?

Not all wines are vegan! What?!? The filtering process is what makes wines not vegan friendly. Between the use of egg whites and casein in mostly reds; which make for a clear wine by making proteins glob together and collect at the bottom of the tank. They also remove bitter-tasting phenolics. Whites, rosés and sparklings use isinglass which is a byproduct of fish.

Here's a list of elements that can be used in the refining process in most wines.

  • Albumen: which is derived from egg white

  • Albumin: from eggs or dried blood

  • Carmine: crushed scales of a cochineal insect

  • Casein: obtained from milk

  • Charcoal: often derived from animal bone

  • Chitin: derived from the shells of crabs or lobsters

  • Gelatine: from bones and connective tissues of cows or pigs

  • Honey: derived from bees

  • Isinglass: obtained from fish swim bladders

  • Lactose: protein derived from milk

  • Pepsin: a foaming agent in beer sometimes derived from pigs

Want to be safe=get wines that are unfiltered and you can be sure to avoid all these. Also you can check barnivore or email the company directly.