Unfiltered Wines around Louisville

I have recently been on a mission to find wines around town that are vegan friendly. Generically you can find them most likely in a wineshop/restaurant that has unfiltered and unrefined wine or uses micron filtering only. The best wineshop to find these jewels is the Wine Market at 1200 Bardstown Road.

I found several unfiltered/unrefined wines there, and the staff was awesome about feeding me with more and more information about unfiltered wines. I really thought there was no way that I'd find a decent amount of whites, but i did.

Broc Cellars=Berkeley, California, @$20

Love White=

13.5 abv

Unfiltered wine of:

Marsanne 90%, Roussanne 7%, and Viognier 3%

Broc Cellars website

"All our wines are vegan, we do not use any animal products for fining or filtering."

I also found this Argentinian Chenin Blanc. CBs are one of my favs. This one reminds me of a still wine before the secondary fermentation of a sparkling. It's highly acidic and tastes like the first picking, so it keeps that acidity, tartness, and definitely not sweet or even a semi-sweet; even though its only 10.5.

Gene del Alma-Ji Ji Ji 2016

Chenin Blanc

10.5 abv-dry

Tunuyán is the northernmost area of the Uco Valley in Mendoza. The area lies in the foothills of Mt Tunuyán, which is among the highest peaks in Argentina. The altitude of these vineyards allows for crisp whites and high acid Malbecs.

I found more whites, but that is for another time:)

Reds that I found:

I found this Chilean Pinot Noir and it was cheap, cheap!

I was pleasantly surprised that I liked it so much since it retailed for around $8-What?!

It had that characteristic smokiness that you expect from a Chilean Pinor Noir.

According to the knowledgable salespeople and

Barnivore.com, Emiliana's Natura line is vegan. Yumm!

The Paìs I found was funky, barnyardy fun, and definitely if you miss the earthiness of your blue cheese or a french dry cider, you can have that flavor in your wine.

Louis Antoine Luyt


Done in the most traditional Chilean way (Pipeño) from 240 year old vines, the grapes are hand harvested and then trampled and removed from their clusters using a zaranda-metal grate that acts as a destemmer and press. Juice is then kept in an open air barrel to ferment wildly.

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