List of things to look for and definitely avoid in alcoholic beverages

It is sad that so many products can be in our wines, beer, and alcohol (Jack Daniels....naughty, naughty).

The refining process is usually what gets us, and some things are blatant and some others are not. Here is a list of additives:

  • Albumen: which is derived from egg white

  • Albumin: from eggs or dried blood

  • Carmine: crushed scales of a cochineal insect

  • Casein: obtained from milk

  • Charcoal: often derived from animal bone

  • Chitin: derived from the shells of crabs or lobsters

  • Gelatine: from bones and connective tissues of cows or pigs

  • Honey: derived from bees

  • Isinglass: obtained from fish swim bladders

  • Lactose: protein derived from milk

  • Pepsin: a foaming agent in beer sometimes derived from pigs

Now I'm not saying that we all need to stop drinking.....HELL NO, but what I am saying is that we need to be more aware. I still drink wine that is not vegan in the refining process, but I definitely am willing to pay more for a bottle that is totally vegan friendly. Smaller producers are more apt to be in line with the way we are thinking.

Except Charles Shaw (reds-since they are vegan I feel that my cheaper bottles from Trader Joe's needs to be Charles Shaw) and Yellowtail (so I shouldn't poo-poo them least they're vegan!)

Barnivore is a great site for keeping your veganism on tract with your alcohol consumption:)