A Vegan Coffee Shop in Louisville...What!?!?

I was walking to my favorite bar in Louisville (Barrett Bar), when I passed this new coffeeshop. I love my coffeeshops so I was intrigued. I went into Barrett and ordered a 3Floyds (yes,they are vegan....thanks Barnivore:)

I started playing on my phone, probably on Tinder and the internet service for Flora's popped up. I asked the bartender about it, she informed me it was a new vegan coffeeshop. Awesome!

I had to check it out, and so do you. The food is made to your order as well as daily made vegan and some that are gluten free as well: pastries, donuts, scones, macaroons, cookies, and cupcakes along with great coffee and Elixir Kombucha

Flora's Kitchenette is a lowkey vegan coffeeshop located at 1004 Barrett Avenue.

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