Love this Love White from Broc Cellars

I'm finally getting around to opening this bottle of unfiltered wine that I got from the Wine Market weeks ago. I was saving it for a special occasion to share it with someone, but eventually I said F-it and opened it.

Upon first opening this 2015 Love White from Broc Cellars, I got more asparagus on the scent, but now that its been opened for a few minutes I get more tangerine and cedar as well as mint and a rose scent at the top of the glass. The color is a lemony yellow and beautiful to look at as the light here is beginning to fade.

This white is a blend of 90% Marsanne, 7% Roussane, and 3% Viognier. Marsanne, Roussane, and Viognioer have been planted for hundreds of years in the Northern Rhone. You definitely get that pear and spice elements from the Marsanne and the mouth feel is silky and the flavors go from golden apple to a spicied pear cobbler.

This wine definitely feels like it sees oak aging, but does not impart oak flavors to the wine. The silkiness and the lemony color speak of that aging. The wine continues to change as it gets warmer so let the bottle sit out after the first pour and see where it goes from there:)

2015 Love White

90% Marsanne, 7% Roussane, 3% Viognier

13.5 ABV

Yup its a goody, will definitely get again....

#wines #vegan