Coffee with that sugar?

I met my friend at Highland Coffee for breakfast before the Fleaoff on Saturday. I arrived before him and ordered a coffee and a vegan rancheros. I've had it before and it is always good, with very, very spicy salsa.

While waiting in line I began to look around and at the case of "vegan treats", I mentally put that information away and waited for my wrap and my friend.

After he arrived and had ordered, I began to relate some of my feelings about what I had seen.

"So I've blogged before that I love Highland Coffee. I love that the nutmilk is on the bar beside the half and half, so you don't have to feel like a freak asking for it, like other coffeeshops. I love that they have non-dairy smoothies that are reasonably priced and delicious (Non-dairy and reasonably priced is hard to find). I love that there are multiple different kinds of breakfast wraps, and that most everything on the menu is either vegan or can be made vegan. I love their biscottis, scones, trail mix bars, and that there are sooooo many options for vegans."

But then there's....

"What I don't love is that the rest of their vegan items are sugar, sugar, sugar. It's like asking for sugar and a side of coffee." My friend understood my view, agreed with my rant, and encouraged me to write all my feelings down.

So here it is:

Holiday Nog Cupcakes, Hot Chocolate Cupcakes, Snickerdoodle Cupcakes, Creamsicle Cupcakes....sugar, sugar, sugar....and that's just a small example of the sugary goodness that's in the case. Now I like my vegan treats once in a while, but if I have them I prefer a Chocolate or Vanilla Cupcake with a minimal amount of frosting. These all just sound so sweet, talk about death by chocolate or sickie sweetness.....So if you want your sugar high, they've got it for you.

As for me and my friend we'll stick with their other vegan items and smoothies, but I would like to see some less sugary options in the case:)

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