Vegan pizza! this place falls short

So the other night a friend and I went to try out Butchertown Pizza Hall. I had heard of this place via a vegan group on facebook....Vegan Louisville KY. I looked at the menu and I was glad to see that they had vegan whole pizzas, but I was truly blown away that they had vegan slices! I've never had a place dedicated to vegan pizza slices! I was super excited when I saw that.

My friend and I went. First of all, it is right across from Swift....Yuck! Secondly it was super bright with high ceilings, and a more cafeteria feel. We sat at the bar and poured over the menu while he drank his beer, and I had a pinot. Once again I was super excited when I saw the name associated with the wine. (I did a review earlier on a vegan wine producer from Broc Cellars called Love. They had a white and a red.) Bummer this was a Pinot Noir from Love Noir Wines from Central Coast region of California, not my favorite of regions so it was okay. Very fruit forward:(

That was another down. Now onto the food. My friend and I got slices and added some more veggies to them. We decided on slices, because we didn't think spending almost $30 for a pizza was a little much. (What is this Impellizerri's?)

The slices came out, and they had obviously been sitting in the kitchen since lunch. All the added veggies were just placed on top, no extra sauce or vegan cheeze were added, so the slices were unimpressive at best. We ate, paid our bill, and left very disappointed with the experience. I woke up later that night with a stomach ache, not sure exactly why, but I can't see going back again unless I get a fresh pizza and someone one else is paying!