2018 Big Fire Pinot Noir-Willamette Valley

No worries, there is no fire in this wine, just fruit along with some cool spices and earthy elements.

R.Stuart & Co, buys grapes from multiple vineyard sites around the Willamette Valley in Oregon.

Now before you 'poo-poo' that, think about it first....with this concept you as a winery owner are not beholden to only what your land can produce. You can select your sites/farmers you want to work with more carefully, and can change easier from year to year; with global warming that would be a nice option for any winery owner.

2018 Big Fire Pinot Noir from R.Stuart & Co Winery.......Willamette Valley, Oregon

The color is pomegranate with bright clear red like cherry juice. The legs drip thickly but consistently down the glass. For this 13.1 ABV wine.

The smell is of cherry, strawberry/apple juice, oaky spice, moss-covered earth by a running brook, hibiscus flowers, and subtle nutmeg.

The taste is of baking spice, milk chocolate, vanilla extract, tart just underripe cherries, fresh picked raspberries, cedar, and pencil shavings

There are light tannins on this wine, with light to medium acidity.

Overall this wine:

Starts with the fruit, and has some spicy notes in the middle that lead to a finish with pencil shavings along with baking spice and vanilla with a little cedar for a pretty long finish.