2018 El Monstruo de las Montañas

This wine is named after the Yeti/Bigfoot of the Andes....the Monster of the Mountains! 75% Malbec/25% Bonarda

Fruity but with the finesse of a soft bodied wine.....thanks acidity:)

Malbec is the red grape that Argentina is most known for, however its past is as a French varietal. It is one of the noble 5 from Bordeaux, and is specifically celebrated in Cahors, France. A very different style and taste from the Argentinian Malbec due to the climate and terrior. So if you like your Argentinian Malbecs take the challenge and try one from Cahors.

In Argentina, there is also a little known red grape called Bonarda-in the US it's called Charbono. The US markets have been embracing this grape more, so you might actually see it as a single varietal now or as a blend in your locally owned smaller wine shops. (These local shops are the key to finding more funky and boutique wines. So say no to those bigger boxstores or your local grocery store. Truly good wine is not mass produced. Ok I'm done my rant).

2018 El Monstruo de las Montañas

The look is a garnet red wine with purple hues (purple translates into more acidic wine/think hydrangeas that turn blue/purple). There's a fingernail of variation on the rim. with slow and thick legs This dry wine come in at 13.5% abv. It is from vineyards that are higher up, hence more acidity-which translates into lighter body and those purple tones.

The smell is of black cherry and fresh blackberries. There's slight dark chocolate as well as potting soil and some sage.

The taste is of blackberry pie, fresh crushed raspberries, sweet cherry, and flint. There is no oak aging on this wine, and the stainless steel used makes sure the finish is tart and refreshing.

So if this sounds like a wine you'd enjoy, or you feel like breaking out of your comfort zone check it out at Waterfront Wine and Spirits. Added bonus its $12 a bottle, because it it doesn't need expensive oak aging or a fancy enclosure! Drink up!