New Years 2017

My New Year's celebration started with a random tinder meetup for coffee. We met at Vint, it's been an old-standby for me since it was known as Java. I stopped going as much when the Bible-thumpers started to ask me "Have you heard about Jesus?"....what a fucking stupid question. Yes, I know and I choose to not believe in unicorns as well! Then sometimes they'd sing hymns at you and want you to buy their CD-umm no thanks! Anyone who knows my background, would know this is not okay with me.

Anyway, we had a pleasant conversation, then went to the Hub for a drink around 5pm.

This was early for NYE, so they were still putting up the decorations. It looked to be a really fun night there, but I had dinner plans with friends. We both had a glass of Cava and toasted goodbye to 2017, hello to a new friend and optimism for 2018.

I then met some friends in 'the hood', had yummy drinks made by my friend, appetizers,

then off to Lydia House!

Gin, pear, clove simple syrup, and very fragrant rosemary!

That was my first time at Lydia House. Last time I went there it was called Flabby's, I had just rolled into town, and it was '07!

The food was great, and looked like it would be a fun hang for the locals! But we had fun and were back home and in bed by midnight! I drifted off to sleep with the sound of fireworks, hoping the dogs wouldn't freak out! Here's to more vegans joining the ranks in 2018! Cheers!