Pizza Lupo is the bomb!

Pizza Lupo, I love this place. Every time I've been they have been super nicer and understand veganism. So even though they serve meat, they are down with my vegan ways.

I first learned about this place from a friend. We met there, and had dinner at the bar. The bartender was super nice, and remembered my face when I came in a month later with a different friend. This time my friend and I showed up on a Tuesday, which is their night for cheap margarita pizzas

(just ask for no cheese and they might add some veggies to it), $1 Stroh's beer, and $5 glasses of wine, which includes a lot of wines from their not so bad wine list.

(My only complaint about that

is their wine glasses....they remind me of the jelly jar glasses that I need to use at my parent's house!

The pizza is great, and doesn't need cheese to stay moist.

I know some people hate that word, but get over it, its the best descriptor to use in this case!

So good, I ate most of it before I took the picture....Woops!