Another Vegan Wine!

I went into the Wine Rack the other day in the hopes of getting some red, the weather had turned cold again. I went directly to the Chilean section, and what do you know they had the Emiliana Natura Cabernet Sauvignon.

Now I've had the Pinot before at Wine Market, but this is the Wine Rack-confusing right? They had both the Pinot Noir and the Cab Sauv; both were $7.99. Whohoo a cheap and vegan Cab at a local store. Yeah!

I opened it and really liked it for the price. It was a little more fruit forward than I was hoping, probably from a vineyard that is lower in altitude. The feel of the wine also leads me to believe that, but it did have a nice herbal almost minty element to it that I appreciated.

I talked to some of the salespeople there, and asked about other vegan wines in the store that they knew of. Hopefully that will put a bug in their ear and help the next time someone wants a vegan wine:)