New Year, New Day!

So yesterday was a rough start to the New Year. The heat in the house stopped working, so I woke up to a cold house.

I fixed it after a couple hours of messing with the furnace and thermostat. Then my car battery was dead because of the cold. The internet was down, so know blogging at home. I also had an ex reach out to me. I figured he had seen the error of his ways with this new girl and was reaching out to me to patch things up.....nope!

I was hurt and depressed, and then I said "NO!" Positivity was to reign in 2018. I had noticed the moon on New Years. It was beautiful, big, but not totally full. I friend had posted about the first supermoon of the year, or the wolfmoon. (Yes, I howled:)

One of its attributes according to wiccan tradition is one of regeneration and renewal. I decided then and there to go out and feel the energy that it was giving off.

I went to park at Waylon's and parked right behind an old friend. He waited for me, and I told him about my car dying. "No, worries....I'll get my jumpers if need be." I followed him into Waylon's and talked to a server about my options as a vegan. I said "don't say salad, that doesn't count!" "Fries?", he said......"Nope that doesn't count either". I left, but knew I'd be back for the Townes van Zandt tribute.

I continued walking on a very cold night under a clear sky and big, beautiful moon, and decided on Mellow Mushroom. I knew I could get vegan pizza there. (All pizza for the most part is vegan just ask for no cheese and veggies only. They do have Daiya cheese as well, but I prefer no cheese, just red sauce. Gotta have red sauce, or it's not pizza to me).

The bartender was really nice, and remembered me from year's ago when I worked at the Monkey Wrench for a brief period of time. That made me feel very special, yeah Supermoon!

He made sure the kitchen was aware that I'm vegan! Super awesome! I ordered a small pizza with mushrooms, pineapple, and green peppers-no cheese please:) It came out great, and with plenty of red sauce, yes I'm a sauce whore! A good friend then joined me for a beer and a slice. It was nice to catch-up....the holidays are so busy.

After dinner and talking about our love lives....his is going well, and his advice for me was "fuck that guy!"-not in the fun sense, but kiss my ass sense....,we then parted ways, and I headed back to Waylon's for the 15th annual Townes tribute.

It's a great event and you can see so much talent from around Louisville throughout the 6 hour event.

Not sure who this guy is, but he was cute:)

I had a beer with the "jumper cable" friend and listened to some great musicians. At one point my two favorite brother's

got up and sang a tribute to a local musician that's struggling with his health. (He was scheduled to play, like he does every year, but unfortunately he couldn't). They sang "Wyoming Child" by their mentor. It was beautiful!

It's also not a musical venue

if you are a woman that don't get a picture with Micah:)