Highland Coffee morning:)

I started off my day with some blogging work based on last night's activities. I Decided that a smoothie sounded best for me, no coffee just yet, it wasn't a rough night, but I wasn't ready for that rush just yet.

That was the first time I had a smoothie there. I didn't make my usual, so I let them handle it. I got the Powerhouse greens and fruits smoothie. It was really tasty the apple and pineapples dominated that banana, couldn't even tell it was in there. That's a good thing, I don't really like banana, even though I know its's good for me.

I got the 16oz smoothie for $5.04! I love that they are reasonably priced, almost the same as a latté. I decided last time I was there, that I wanted to try one when I saw the price! This place is starting to grow on me with their coffee, smoothies, and wraps.

#smoothies #coffee #wraps