Monnik, Loving Vincent, and Mr. Lee's

When my friend suggested that we meet at Monnik,

I was less than thrilled. I figured there would be nothing I could eat there. However I looked at the menu online and saw a couple things I might be able to have. So when he said meet me at 6, I said "Deal"'.

I walked in and went to the bar to get a beer and look over things. The chatty bartender was extremely knowledgable about the menu and pointed out more options than I had seen online.

All the salad are vinegar based, no dairy! Usually I say salad doesn't count, but theirs were full of yummy accoutrements. So I seriously considered ordering one, but I went with the Korean Jackfruit nuggets.

I wouldn't normally have ordered that (because it's fried), but the bartender made it sound so good. He also made it clear the oil they use and that the fries and this dish have their own separate fryo

lator. No meat or cross-contamination here! It was also served with their homemade kimchi!

Homemade Kimchi, yes! These came out deepfried and then tossed with a spicy Gochujang sauce. According to the b-tinder (Oops, what was on my mind:)

My friend went with the vegetable pie, which is also vegan. The was great as well, with a little smokiness in the green lentil and porcini mushroom filling.

After our dinner and drinks, we went to see Loving Vincent at the Speed. It was fabulous! Comfortable seating, no sticking your butt in a person's face to get to your seat. The also served beer, wine, and bourbon:)

After the movie we went to Mr. Lee's for a speakeasy

feel and great cocktail served up in old school glasses. There was a live band that was playing some gypsy-jazz in the back, dark corner. Nice! We had a great time, should have known it would be awesome. It happened on the 4th and you know I have a thing for 4's.