Trader Joe's has vegan wine!

Like I need one more reason to love, love, love Trader Joe's.....between their soy milk, soy

and coconut ice creams, delicious breads, pizza dough, snacks, nuts, candies.....they also have VEGAN WINE! And not just a little vegan wine, but a f---ing lot and it's cheap!

If you go in to the local TJ's they can steer you to their vegan wines. They have a list!

Some don't know it, but after talking to several employees I think they are aware now. They also can print out info sheets on most of there wines.

You just have to ask. Remember how annoying it was to search for tasting notes for stuff they carried? No worries now!

Their info sheets are pretty awesome and have great detail. Probably more than a layperson needs.

So here's my take on the

Pontificis 2015- Grenache-Syrah-Mourvedre

When I first opened the bottle it was cellar temp-so about 55-60 degrees. At that temp, you get more the earthy notes and spiciness of the Syrah and a little of the minerality of the Mouvedre. As the wine warmed up you get more fruity notes on the nose black-raspberry and also jasmine and then unripe blackberry on the palette with some nice spicy notes as well as cocoa at the end.

Charlie was here in spirit! He loved going to wineries with me:)