Xmas and January-Xmas

I think having a national holiday based on a Christian holiday is kind of messed up. Also having businesses close because of it or close early the night before is really messed up. I get very upset when you throw me off my schedule. I want my coffeeshops open and my restaurants to be open past Christmas Eve at 3pm!

So December 25th to me is a weird day and often very depressing. I however went on a walk on that day of celebration for most and saw a lone person on a walk as well. I had just been singing "it's the loneliest time of the year"-you know that old christmas carol, but usually it's sung as it's the happiest time of the year. I was just thinking of switching all the lyrics, when I looked up as the stranger got closer. I recognized my friend, and He asked me if I went on a walk to enjoy the sun as well, I replied that it was to give the family that I live with some alone time, but agreed the sun and

the sky were beautiful. Very cold, and blue, but it was sunny and breathtaking....or maybe that was just the cold. We walked together around the neighborhood, and that helped to talk to someone that was alone as well. After my walk, I was rebalanced and ready to drink my "White wine in the sun", and eat some vegan fair:) I was excited, because I haven't had an xmas dinner in years. Usually it's just me and poor planning....scrounging in the cupboards and the freezer, remember everything is CLOSED! The pickings are usually pretty slim.

We had a great meal, well thought out, and delicious. We had presents, then binge-watched all the Hobbit movies:)

My sister and her husband had gone up-north to see his family, so we always plan to do xmas after they come back. However 2018 was fast approaching.....so we decided to wait until after. January sucks anyway, so might as well have something good come out of it!

We finally got together last night and had appetizers, galettes, presents, and panetonne. I showed up a little early to help prepare the veggies for the galettes and the other appetizers and accoutrements.

My brother-in-law had broken his hand on his vacation, and so his cutting skills are not what they were, but his delegation is....thats a nice way to talk about a kitchen tyrant instructing you how to cut veggies better:)

The appetizers were Chao cheese, butcherblock Daiya cheese, holiday olives (love them) Daiya cream cheese with homemade cranberry chutney (tasted like cheesecake....yumm), a chives and herb cheese from Treeline, kasha crackers, Gochuyang almonds from Trader Joe's, and of course a Cava:)

The galettes were filled with the beet greens, sliced mushrooms, and the Chau cheese. Yummm! We also had roasted beets on the side as well as a coleslaw. With the galettes we had a Cider from New Hampshire and a white wine from Cote du Rhone (Marsanne, Viognier, Bourbelenc, and Roussane)

We opened presents, and had a great time talking about many things. We ended the night with an herbal tea and Panetonne that was flavored with orange rinds and chocolate. Yummy. Our vegan friend had found it at TJMaxx! What?!?!

The 'butter' is from Miyoko. This 'butter' is the bomb. Also no PalmOil!!!! (that's for another post! and there's an app to check that!)