Toothpaste is not vegan!?!?

Okay maybe I'm stupid, but I didn't realize this until very recently. I've been brushing my teeth with a product that uses animals the entire time. Ah! Why did I not know this! I've been supporting an industry that kills and also tests on animals!!!!!

So about a month ago, a co-worker and I were discussing veganism. She is a meat-eater, but openly discussed it with me. She then asked me what I was using as my toothpaste. When I answered Crest, she responded "You know that has pig in it". I was skeptical and didn't look into it right away. However, her response to why should knew that, did legitimize her claim. Apparently her boyfriend can't ingest pigs, so hence why she knew this.

I then was at my sister and my (favorite) brother-in-law's house and I asked them if they knew anything about toothpaste not being vegan. My sister's response was that she wouldn't be surprised if they did have animal products in it. I was disappointed, and decided to look into it more.

The first thing that popped up was something from ethical elephant. They provide a list of vegan friendly toothpastes, and also a NO to list of company's that we all should stay away from. They use animal testing. Does not matter if the toothpaste is not tested on doesn't say, but they do animal testing on other products that they sell as well.

I immediately through away my crest and bought Trader Joe's toothpaste that has flouride, no animal products, no animal testing and sls free. (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate-this is a foaming agent and there is debate about this helping to cause bad breath which can lead to plaque build up, as well as promote canker sores)

I also found PETA's list as well as Crueltyfreekitty. Lush also has a toothpaste product that I'd like to try next. Looks really 'cool' and fun!