Women's Rally 2018

Yesterday I went to the Women's Rally at the Muhammad Ali Center and I left as fired-up as their shitty advertising was effective of getting the word out! My co-partner in Crochetforacauseky

and I had researched about a possible march weeks ago. We saw advertisements for multiple cities and even Anchorage, Alaska...Anchorage! We could not find anything about a Louisville event. I was disappointed, and figured we weren't going to have one.

Then a couple days ago I got a text from a friend showing the event.

I forwarded it to my business partner and she and I commented on what shitty advertising the event had. Also it was the day after everyone else's march in the US!

I talked to many people, and they indicated that they knew nothing about it, and their pussyhats reaffirmed that answer.

So yesterday, I went to my friend's house to make posters. She and I had been at the DC March and we had slogans and pictures from the march and were fired up to share and read all the signs there.

We carpooled with another friend, parked, then walked to the rally.

The rally had just begun, and we stood at the back taking it all in.

There were some great signs,

and speakers as well.

However some we as enthusiastic as 'Eeyore', asking us to run for office. They did not choose the right person for that speech!

So I left feeling not that inspired, but it inspired me enough to contact a couple organizations and read the belief statement of the BlackLivesMatter which became apparent in one of the speeches that we all should do.