Why Vegan is Good Karma?

Vegan=GoodKarma vs. Vegan is Good Karma

So a couple of years ago, I started using the phrase Vegan=GoodKarma on Facebook.

Every time (if I remembered) I posted a vegan recipe, new vegan product, or an article about veganism, I attached Vegan=GoodKarma to it.

After talking to my sister and my 'favorite' brother-in-law about the name and it's versatility my sister suggested I change the name to Vegan is Good Karma.

I understood her point from an internet searchable standpoint, it's hard the search an '='.

I was so used to the '=' at that point, but the more I employed the 'is' instead of the '=' I became used to it (or is:)

Why Good Karma?

I don't remember if my brain made the association all on its own, or if it was something I had heard someone else (I'm thinking a Buddhist monk) that said it, but the phrase however it came to me makes absolute sense.

If you know anything about Karma, at its basic level it is about doing good in order to promote good things happening to you. So to me eating an animal that was probably frightened, hurt in multiple ways, and then slaughtered does not make sense for anyone believing in Karma. All religions believe in good vs. evil. It's the promotion of good over evil that is supposed to be what makes us human, so whether or not you call it Karma, I think we all would choose good vs. evil. (I think even Lucifer on Netflix-chooses that even though he struggles with his inner demon:)

Vegetarian versus veganism? What's the difference?

So why do most humans eat meat....is good Karma out?

As Sir Paul says "If slaughter houses had glass walls, we would all be vegetarian". I'll go a step further than that though. and here's why....

I've lived on a dairy farm, and know what goes on. This was a small family farm that had about 50 milking head. (Read about my experiences there here.) Smaller farms have a 'better' experience for the animals,

but the end result is the same. A dairy cow lives commercially about 8 years (25 years is possible if a cow is allowed to live normally and isn't bred over and over and over again in order to produce milk for human consumption) once it is coming to the end of its productivity it is then placed on the beef truck before it can possibly die of natural causes. (Because that would be a 'pain in the ass to move a dead 1,200 pound animal, so 'we' will lure it onto the beef truck, and it's the slaughter houses f-ing problem then if it dies en route'.-----I'm not joking that is the mentality of many family farms!)

Which would you rather be a beef or a dairy cow?

So my argument has been that if I had to come back as a cow, I'd prefer a beef cow! 2 years and I'm done, versus 8 years of breeding, and milking my teets with machines that continue to suck even after I'm empty producing soreness and gross mastitits, which then gets treated with drugs, and my vagina prolapses after my 5th calf! No thanks! I'd prefer being a beef cow any day over that!

5 minutes of pleasure does not equal a lifetime of pain!

Another reason I respond to people saying they could 'be vegetarian, but couldn't live without butter, cheese, and ice cream' by saying.....'my 5 minutes of pleasure, does not equal a lifetime of pain!' I then go onto explain and give examples like: Really that's as long as it takes for us to eat an ice cream cone, or a bagel with cream cheese, or even a bowl of pasta with veggies cooked in butter and sprinkled with parmesan cheese.

Vegan is True Environmentalism!

Good Karma for the Earth!

I realize that it's hard to deal with moral issues if you don't have to. Sweep it under the rug, it's someone else's problem, or I'm just one person so I can't make a difference.....but you can!

Some facts:

According to Vegsource "to produce a pound of beef is the figure of 2,500 gallons of water"

or as Newsweek quotes....."the water that goes into a 1,000 pound steer would float a destroyer."

Imagine all the water and grains that could be of better use to feed people a balanced diet, versus raising meat to feed. It's counterintuitive really.

If you listen to science and are concerned about global warming at all....going vegan makes total sense:)