Dirty Day versus Derby day!

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Green Up Day

nurse mares-dirty secret of the horse racing industry

Madeleine Kunin

The other night my 'favorite'

brother-in-law had made vegan Paella. It was full of good veggies and accoutrements (thanks for that word Dad:)

like asparagus (pronounced- Ass-per-grass:), artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, peas, olives, rice and of course SAFFRON.

Apparently you can't call a dish Paella unless it has saffron, well according to my 'favorite' brother-in-law. He looked and every recipe he researched called for two ingredients rice and saffron, from there the ingredients varied, but always saffron.

Well during dinner we started to talk about 'art class'. As we were growing up my sister was always the visually artistic one, where as I was known as the musical one. My sister always did very well in art class, where as me not so much. However the way that our 'art' classes were conducted and hence graded were not the best.

The premise of our 'art' classes was to pick a drawing and replicate it exactly....if you could do that awesome, I however could not....so I got straight C's (no one has that for grades in art class unless they are a complete ass, however my pencil drawings didn't look like an exact replica and even though I was the 'middle child' -always pleasing and never making a ruckus-I always brought home C's in art class!) As a straight A student, this was very damaging to me and feel even now that I am a terrible artist.

Anyway, I mentioned that it was funny that my poster was

chosen to represent

Washington county along with 3 others plus 4 additional artists (yes, I said artists:) from each of Vermont's other 13 counties for Green Up Day.

What is Green Up Day?

So Green Up Day is Vermont's answer to Earth Day. It was began in the early 1970's and still is going strong today. It always takes place on the first Saturday in May. People pick up trash on the road, and fill green trash bags that the Green Up Vermont organization has supplied that you can pick up at your local town office.

Our parent's still celebrate Green Up Day and look forward to it, because it means winter is almost over....remember this is Vermont! (The crocuses don't come up 'til later in May!)

Louisville's Derby Day is also the first Saturday of May but it is Kentucky's celebration of excess, voyeurism, binge drinking, and gambling on forced running and labor. You be the judge of what is morally better to be a part of. (Just research nurse mares and I'm pretty sure the choice will be clear, and if not you should do some soul searching and see if you have one!)

So I called my mother the next morning, because I remembered there was a photograph of me and the governor of Vermont at the time, Madeleine Kunin. (After reading about here, I just ordered her book!) my mom eventually found it, and it was a perfect shot to see what my poster looked like. I was in 5th grade at the time, but drew like I was in 1st grade:)

I did not win, but this did.....