Birthday full of good vibes part a :)

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So I am now officially 42. Almost perfect, I have a thing for 4's so 44 would be better, but I'll happily wait another 2 years for that:)

So my celebration first started when I received a surprise bouquet on the 26th (6-2=4.... or 2+6=8 and 8=4+4.....see I told you, also I was born on the 28th so you do the math for that one.....yup you got it. That's how my brain works!) My friend the Italian Stallion had sent them,

I had no idea, and was pleasantly surprised! The bouquet was full of yellow roses, white lilies, and a blue hydrangea. (Of course I see blue and gold our school colors....please don't remind me of that time!)

Now I am not usually a planner, but my bday weekend was jam packed with things to do. (Great way to deal with depressive thoughts, just keep moving.)

First I stopped by a friend's to do some 'art' project work, and with his suggestions, I now have more steps to take before my project is complete. Thanks Aaron:)

Then I had a meeting with a vegan chocolate maker. We had met months before at the Flea Off Christmas show, but he had sometime to show me around now that Xmas was over and Valentine's Day was just beginning to rev up. He took me through the process (which I'll go into more detail and have more pictures in another blog dedicated to him and his company Whelpdale Chocolates.) and even though there are places around town to get his chocolates, you can also order on his website. The Vday box looks awesome......oh caramel......I missed you so!

After that, I was off to a party that my good friends

had in my honor. There were wonderful apps of fresh veggies, hummus, and figs.....yumm love me some figs! For the meal we had a beautiful salad of arugula, mango, kiwi. with a citrusy vinaigrette and a roasted tomato and eggplant soup. All were fabulous.

We then had presents, in which my friends know me so well. There was a something from My Big Fat Nut Sack for making nut milks, a Tofu press, gift certificates for Trader Joe's and the Wine Rack. You know wine and food are always great gifts for me:) I also received a car battery charger from my sister and my 'favorite' brother-in-law. (I guess they don't want to jump my car anymore:)

It was a great night, fabulous wine, food, and friends. Then my 'favorite' brother-in-law brought out his vegan cheesecake. So last year I had said I wanted to find a vegan cheesecake in the frozen section of the supermarket, he filed that away and I had forgotten about it. So last year on my bday, he surprised me with a cappuccino cheesecake. Little did he know, he was creating a cheesecake monster that expects a bday cheesecake now:) I'll add it to the recipe page:)

Anyway this year he went traditional with a plain cheesecake covered with BuffaloTrace cheeries. Yumm, yumm!

And that's a vegan wine:)

We all parted ways!

to be continued....