Birthday full of good vibes....part B

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Northend Cafe


Kentucky Center for the Arts

On January 28th, I woke up at my friend's house and had coffee with her and talked about the party and my love life, or lack there of:)

I had made plans with my 'beautiful man'

to meet for bday brunch at 11. I had suggested Flora's, but then rethought that since alcohol had to be involved early on a bday:)

We decided on Northend on Frankfurt. They were super busy, seems like Louisville is finally catching up with the northeast's obsession with brunch finally. I think it was Mark Twain that had a quote about cities like Louisville, something about if the world ends he'd rather be in Louisville, since the world would end 20 years later there. Yes, for some reason we are always playing catch-up!

I had Wonderful birthday vegan rueben with a great fruit cup.

Yumm, Yumm! Also I started my day with a Presbyterian (that's a drink, not sex with a religious man) on my Sunday morning!

Then my new friend had given me a ticket to Chicago that was playing at the Kentucky Center. The musical started at 1pm, so that all was perfect timing. She had two seats in separate boxes, so I felt like I was really getting the royal treatment!

After the show then I met up with the 'beautiful man' this time at BigBar. I had an old fashioned that was Rye based. It was good, great cherries and the owner is awesome, funny, and cute! After hanging out there for a little while, the 'beautiful man' and I decided to get something to eat. The plan was to eat at the Post and then go to Mr. Lee's. However after a really unimpressive dinner, which ended up just being a salad for me (I found out the pizza crust has honey in it-so I ordered the veggie sandwich that the bartender said was good. It was horrible, tasted full of cross-contamination like they cooked all the veggies and meat together or at least an the same surface. Yuck! I took one bite and said I was not happy with it. Granted they took it off the bill, I didn't even ask for that, but I really didn't like that place before (expensive for a veggie pizza with no cheese), and now I really don't!)

That soured the Mr. Lee's idea.....anyway, I decided to go back home and make my own dinner.....healthier and cheaper. I called a friend on way back home and talked to him about my day and his dating/my dating/ and even our past dating.....seems like a theme, but I guess single still at 42 and whatever he is requires that! Overall is was a great birthday, so thanks to everyone that made me feel special!:)