Is my dental floss vegan?

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So I went to the dentist yesterday, and saw that they raise money for a charity called My Dog Eats First. I had seen signs for it in the lobby, but received more info about it when the hygienist saw my humane society shirt.

Apparently it's an organization that helps those in need care properly for their animals through access to food, shots, veterinary visits, and leashes/collars/ get the picture. They need volunteers and check out this very worthy cause!

That's how we started talking about animals, and then I laid a big bomb on the office.....toothpaste is not vegan! I told her I stopped using Crest because it wasn't vegan. She perked up at that, and called to a fellow employee about it. This employee had been vegetarian for 20+ years and vegan for 4 years. She was horrified (as was I), and wanted to know what made her toothpaste not vegan. So here it is....

Almost all toothpastes (unless you go to a health food or a specialty store) are made with glycerin. There are two types of glycerin; it can be derived from animal fat or plant-based fat. Now even if your toothpaste does happen to be vegan, seems like more commercial brands are moving away from the animal fat to the more plant-based fat or a combination of the two, there is still the testing issue and what you feel is morally right.

So as I was researching more for this article, I came across several shocking things, that once again blew my mind. I found lists of everyday products that are not vegan.

It's amazing how many animal derived products are hidden in things that you never thought about before. For instance.....I hate plastic bags for non-recyclable reasons as well as damage to the oceans, sea-life, and the environment, but now as a vegan I am aware not only of those issues, but the products needed to make the bag too! Every vegan should feel bad about putting any vegan groceries into a bag that has been made out of beef! (oh my God look at #1, does that mean no more sex for me!)

I think I've now gone down a rabbit-hole (not the bourbon) with this, but I'm okay with that, and can't go back now that I know more.

My new vegan friend decided to look into it more, and also found that dental floss can be an issue as well. This is due to the fact that most flosses use beeswax making them not vegan. However, there are some vegan flossing options and vegan mouth products as well.

I'm on the way to Whole Foods in a bit to find my vegan wellness products. I'm also planning on stopping in at Lush to see what they have for toothpastes and other vegan beauty products. While I'm at the mall....I hate the mall....I'll stop by Soma and stock up on bras and panties so I don't have to go back until next year!