My V=day

Hot Couple at Bar is right:).........Thanks Lucy:)

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So my thoughts on V=day began forming a couple days ago. My friend and I had dinner at Monnik (love their Korean Jackfruit nuggets and there Thuis salad!) followed by drinks at the Holy Grale.

I told my friend, as we were having drinks some of what I was thinking about. We started discussing past Valentine's Days. Neither of us have V-day plans for this year, so we agreed to spend it together. We will see how that goes, I haven't been with anyone romantically on V-day for about 10 years. Wow!

So with my romantic life tends to be that if I'm with someone, we are no longer together by X-mas, my birthday, and V-day. Probably well planned by them-no presents! I tend to shop early for X-mas, so they still get a present or presents anyway..... What am I going to do with them? Being the kind soul that I am, actually it's just a combination of everyone must love me (middle child syndrome) and Northern guilt (kind of like catholic guilt, but even more judgy of others, but especially yourself)......So I give them anyway!

Last year, some friends of mine, one I'll call 2 Sharks, went to the Monkey Wrench, a now debunked bar in Louisville. We decided then and there that we would be the "Lonely-Hearts Club", we made great plans to continue hanging out, (well you know how it is when bourbon is flowing:), great intentions, but no implementation! So needless to say, those well intended decisions went by the wayside.

The year before that I was at a Barrett Bar with 2-Sharks again and we spent our V-day drinking beer and bourbon. So anyway, it's been a long, long time since I had a romantic date for Valentine's Day.

So today, I ran around Louisville getting ready for my first V=Day date in ten years. There are rose scented things, a vegan prosecco, vegan chocolates, and some things I use daily anyway.

WhenI got home, I had flowers waiting for me from my Italian Stallion. A beautiful bouquet of roses:), daisies, and alstroemeria (Peruvian lily).

I made myself some avocado toast with fresh tomatoes, salt, peppers, smoked paprika, and olive oil.....Yumm! (Shout out to Flora's Kitchenette for introducing me to that combination)

Besides the prosecco and the Lush products, I'm adding Simply Boho Organics into the preparation line. There's a rosewater face tonic, I also use it as a perfumed spray, and lotion that they make using ylang ylang and lavender.

Their products are great, they also have great bath bombs, soaps, lipbalms, salt scrubs, as well as other products. So check out their site, and feel good about supporting local.....they are a member of Kentucky Proud:)!