V-day=Vegan day

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Valentine's Day is a holiday based on love, so it makes sense that it would be a holiday embraced by vegans. Unfortunately, Valentine's Day is a very un-vegan holiday! (Actually probably all holidays are, but that's for another blog). Valentine's Day has become about giving your significant other chocolates and caramels which are produced using butter and milk, wearing red lipstick that is produced by crushing up bugs to create the 'red' color', using a massage bar that is from a company that tests on animals, drinking a wine that uses isinglass or egg whites in the refining process, and using a condom that is produced using animal products (and I'm not just talking about the sheepskin kind. Most commercial condoms use casein).

So I set-out today to make a vegan Valentine's Day, it is a day to focus an love right? So why not love of animals as well as people! First stop was Trader Joe's. I filled up on vegan treats for a cook.....basil plant, marinated olives, smoked paprika, and of course a vegan Pinot Noir from the Pays d'OC of France.

Next stop was Lush

to get some tote bags that say, No Animal Testing with a logo of two fighting rabbits. (These bags are created by an Indian company called re-wrap. They are a non-profit charity that gives people from poorer communities chances to work. , while creating reusable packaging).

While there I needed some massage bars as well (I have a date tonight, also it's impossible to go there and not get more than what you originally intended:).

So I decided on two bath bombs for a friend that have no glitter and very soft on the scents. (She has a thing about scents).

As I was cashing out they made me two samples, one for my face that is scented like rose. I love rose! The other was a tooth tab that promotes whitening.

There are many reasons why I love Lush, but there dedication to no animal testing, donations through their charity pot products, women's advocacy, recycling/reusing programs, plus they always make you feel important to them by making you a special trial version of whatever you would like.

So like I said earlier, I'm going on V-day date. It's actually the first one in 10 years. Sounds like I've been married for a really, really long time or in a nunnery. The answer to both those statements, would be "No!" (I actually thought about joining a convent, the schedule would be nice, no need to think about day to day stuff, but there's the religion thing....so no go).

Anyway, after Lush, I had to stop by Rainbow Blossom for some Schmidt's deodorant.

I had seen it a few days ago, and that they had a rose scent. I told you I love rose! That with my rose massage bar from lush, a vegan prosecco, and my red lipstick from e.l.f. I think I'm in pretty good shape. The only thing missing is the Glyde:)

I also got some great caramel chocolates from

Whelpdale Chocolates,

dark chocolate bars from CellarDoor Chocolates.

All these I got locally, but there's also this list of candies you can get at the drug store.

All in all-I think Valentine's Day, the day of love, should be a holiday that is embraced by vegans. There's no better way to show love and good karma, then to show it to all beings!