Pussyhat or to Not to Pussyhat?

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Pussyhat Project

So the other day I was at Trader Joe's. I was wearing my pussyhat as always,

(a friend of mine, the crochetaddict< and I had started an organization called: Crochetforacauseky

in which we crochet pussyhats of all colors, scarves, DNA hats, nature hats, gloves, doggie bowties, and whatever we feel is going to sell at local rally's, craft fairs,

breweries, our site, or by word of mouth/head:) We then donate all the proceeds to local charities-so far we have donated to:

Planned Parenthood, Kentuckiana Pride, Trees Louisville, and the Ky Humane Society).

Anyway the cashier mentioned that she had one from the DC March.

I said that I hoped she was still wearing it. She explained to me that she had a discussion with her friend about the negativity now associated with them and had decided to tattoo the word resist on her wrist instead.

I knew the negativity that surrounded them from the far right (or should I say the far wrong!), but wasn't really aware that it was seen as a negative symbol by many liberals now.

I had been to the rally in Louisville

and heard the speeches that denounced women wearing their pussyhats and not doing anything once the rally was over. That was not me though, I had helped to start a non-profit that was spreading good, unifying liberals by sight, or so I thought.

I researched pussyhats and negativity, and there were several negative posts about the pussyhat project. Part of what I found was about the color pink, because not all women have pink vaginas. Okay, I get that, but I associated it with the breast cancer color of pink and Planned Parenthood has fushia as their color. I have multiple sclerosis (still have to look up the spelling on that one, even though I've had it for over 20 years) so our color is orange (yup, that's what happens when you are the last disease in the color picking line), brain cancer is grey, alzheimer's is purple....

I also came across that it was hurtful to transpeople, gender non-binary people, as well as my official finding of it being offensive to people of color. There was a FB by the rally in Pensacola, Florida asking people not to wear them. Was that true? Also we are so fractured as a country that symbols of offense/non-offense are not necessarily nationwide. So where does Louisville stand? I truly don't know.

So is is still offensive that we fashion pussyhats and crowns to benefit Kentuckiana Pride that are made out of rainbow colored yarns?

We make pussyhats of all sorts of colors; sparkly gold, silver, white, pink, black, purple, teal, brown, yellow, blue, green.......We make solids as well as two tones that have pink at the top to denote the inside of cat ears?

These proceeds go to PPH (Planned Parenthood).

We also make pussyhats that have a DNA design in the blue and green colors for science. These proceeds go to Trees Louisville. We also crochet doggie bowties (KY Humane Society), make magnets, pins, scarves, shawls, beanies, gloves. All these proceeds go to one of the four organizations mentioned above.

We are a young company, but we already have four organizations that we feel strongly need help and are good causes. There are so many more. We talked this morning of adding Black Lives Matter into our list of organizations for 2018.

So here are my thoughts and my request, my partner and I would gladly crochet other items if the pussyhat is truly offensive. We were talking of it this morning, and we will continue to ponder ideas. However, I welcome people to comment with some ideas, if a change is needed. I know what wearing it means to me. It's a clear signal of my views, if I see someone with that hat, I know that probably we will get along to some extent. The hat could be any color, like ours, but the shape says I would enjoy talking with that person. Whereas a hat that says "Make America Great Again", I don't have any hope that we will find any common ground.

Anyway, I hope I presented my thoughts appropriately, and did not offend with my questions.

I will gladly stop wearing my pussyhat if it truly offends others, but I hope it is unifying more than dividing

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