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Rice paper water bowl

KY Humane Society

So the other night I went to Rescue Ranger (my sister) and my FBnL's (favorite Brother-in-Law's) house. We jokingly call it the Land of Misfit Dogs after the claymation Rudolph when he ends up in the Land of Misfit Toys.

The reason being is that at her work there are always dogs that need to be rehabilitated. She works for the KY Humane Society, and brings home dogs that need a little extra attention.

My Charlie was there for a bit, before I adopted him. He was deaf, mostly blind, and had a bad back which eventually affected his back legs.

There was also Sir Hops, he was a toy poodle that had gotten sat on at some point and so that back leg never healed properly, so he was a tripod.

Also there was Roscoe he had neurological issues that affected his breathing, and would lose control of his back legs. He had boots that he would wear outside to give him more traction and to protect his back feet from scraping on the pavement when his legs gave out. Anyway, it's an every changing household, and I always ask them 'who is the foster now?'

Rescue Ranger's current foster was hit by a car and has only three legs. Super nice, sweet, and snuggly:)

We were having dinner at the House of Misfit Dogs on Friday night. I brought two vegan wines one was from the Duoro Valley of Portugal, one of my favorite regions of Portugal, and the other was a white from the Rueda of Spain. Yumm, Yumm!

So the beginning of the meal were spring rolls. My FBnL had made all the accoutrements (thanks Dad for that word:) tofu, sesame noodles, cucumbers, fresh mint, carrots, and homemade peanut sauce. I was totally excited, but scared. I had never been very successful with rolling my own spring rolls.

However my FBnL pulled out a gadget I had never seen. It was a rice paper water bowl.

Basically is a thin half moon shaped glass bowl that's filled with very warm tap water. You wet the paper all the way around by dipping it in the water and turning it all the way around to get it wet, then immediately set it on your plate to fill with what you are adding into the roll. I had my doubt, but the results were amazing.

Now I'm not saying that you have to have one, but this definitely helps with not letting the paper soak in too much water. That usually happens with me, and this worked perfectly, and the paper stayed sticky and together. I want one!