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Stuff You Missed In History Class

So my first exposure to podcasts was when a friend of mine was blogging about sex and dating in Louisville. Her blog and podcast were called Crushin On Lou (listen to us talk on this episode about Sexting). She had invited me over to the first ever live podcast of Crushin On Lou. This basically entailed getting drunk (drinking wine, you can hear that request on the podcast, and as my voice gets more nasally,,,,that's a clear indication that I'm feeling it:) and interviewing me on dating and online dating around Louisville.

There were also two guys to even out the panel. There was Mr. Gorgeous and K.B. aka Kevin Bacon. I texted my girlfriend and she sent me the link, so I'm listening to us talk about sexting in 2013. Funny, funny....everyone has moved from Louisville and is either married or seriously dating someone....then there is me. Still Fabulously Single!

At that time there was POF (Plenty of Fish), Ok Cupid, Match. I paid for match and got hooked up with an AA guy. My life was an ABC afterschool special (or a made for TV movie on Lifetime) for about 9! I paid for this shit! Now there's Bumble, FirstMet, Tinder (my preferred platform), and an AA member is a red-flag for me now!

Anyway, I digress, I had always been an avid runner so outside and listening to my music or texting was basically what my phone was for.

Around that time, I became more sick with my MS no more running, I now needed to workout in the gym. I wasn't able to run on a treadmill, so the elliptical or a stationary bike became my new venue to working out. Keeping my legs moving, but without balance being a concern when you have things to hold on to. With the gym, came internet access, and so I started listening to podcasts at the gym. I began listening to The Moth (it was my BFnL, that first exposed me to that one:), the Moth led me to Snap Judgement. Then there was This American Life, NPR news, and eventually I added Stuff You Missed In History Class.

This is one of favorite podcasts now. I'm a huge history nut, and appreciate learning new things. So last night, I decided to go for a walk. It was a warm and clear day in Louisville. It had been raining for the last 5 days, and we've had major flooding based on everything draining into the Ohio River. Before my walk I decided to download Stuff You Missed In History Class.

As dusk was starting to set I began my walk. The air was thinner, and it was a little eery. The podcast was about the Villisca Ax Murders. Before it started they did have warnings if small children or queazy adults were listening. I decided to keep listening, even though I can't deal with violence on TV, Movies, but this was a Podcast! I felt I could deal with it.

Just as they are describing the victims, in which it was a wife, husband, their 4 kids, and 2 neighbor kids that were there for a sleepover......I see something up in the woods. A guy with a chainsaw and a mask! Seriously! He revs up the chainsaw, and I discreetly cross the street.

I did see evidence that he was legitimately cutting down trees, but the timing was very, very weird!