Vegan is the new blue pill

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10 Sexual Benefits for Vegans

Bite Size Vegan-Erectile Dysfuction

Vegans Do It Better-Peta

Years ago my friend offered me some sexual advice to think about.

She touted that vegetarian men could have longer and more consistent hard ons. "It's even stated in Forks over Knives", she stated.

So for years I have had that conversation in the back of my mind, and it comes to the forefront especially during intimacy with someone that could maybe use some extra help in that department.

I was with someone recently, and he stated that for him that was true. He is in his 40's and said the diet change had made a big difference in that area......he said it was like being a teenager again, waking up with a hard-on!

So, the other night a bunch of vegetarians and vegans were getting together at my FBnL (Favorite Brother-in-Law) and Rescue Ranger's (sister) house. My friend was there, and we were all talking about this statement.

We were rolling sushi, so if that doesn't bring up thoughts of the penis, I don't know what does:)

I was curious and wondering if I could find documentation on this subject. I knew it was true for me, and also from talking to some vegan guys about this, but I wanted to see if others were talking/researching it.

Well here is what I found. An article on the 10 sexual benefits for a vegan.

#1 I can personally attest too. I've been told many times from different partners that I taste better. (Yeah!)

#3 I've also been told that my skin is incredible. My lovers just can't get over how smooth my skin is. I never thought about it, but as I read the article, I'll chalk it up to my vegan diet.

#7 is also something I can attest too. Never needing addition lubrication, once I'm aroused it's game on:)

#6 and #10 I'm working towards, but it makes perfect sense. Like-mindedness is going to make for an intense connection and absolutely amazing sex.

I also found a men's health series on Bite Size Vegan. It's interesting to watch (I think he has a walking desk) and read. I also found an article entitled Vegans Do It Better by Peta.

Not only is needing the blue pill a clear indicator that a male needs to be vegan, but it also an early indicator of heart failure. So if a limp dick doesn't turn you into a vegan, then the possibility of heart attack should.