Easter done vegan style:)

I woke up Easter morning around 8 to a video text that my friend had sent me. It made me think of growing up, and how at 6am we'd be headed to a field in Vermont for sunrise service. It was always so cold! You'd have cute Easter shoes on, and you'd be standing on top of snowbanks. Brrrr! You'd then go back to the church building to warm-up and eat Easter breakfast, followed by Sunday School and then the church service! That's like 6 hours of religion in one swoop, that's not even mentioning the night service or youth group!

I digress, so my friend sent me this video based on our Easter Florida trip. A couple years ago, we went to Naples. Yes, I know all Louisville goes to that city. You run into people on the beach that are just down the street from you in Louisville. Anyway, we got up before everyone and had coffee and an orange on the beach, all while "Up from the Grave" was playing on my portable speaker. You can probably guess now what he sent me....a couple videos with that being sung. Haha! Nostalgia, good and bad!

Later we met for coffee, before he flew off to NYC. This trip was for business (he's a performer-no not that kind) and also for pleasure. We met at the Bean and I had an easter soy latte. I was spoiling myself, I considered it my Easter basket. After we parted I went down to my sister's house (the Island of Misfit Dogs) for our Easter brunch.

My sister (Rescue Ranger), my FBnL (Favorite Brother-in-Law), and I have been having a heathen Easter celebration for years.

It is a holiday that we all actually look forward too, well that and our Thanksgiving. We invite people that are like-minded and celebrate together. It's kind of like Thanksgiving with friends accept spring has sprung, and we can start wearing sandals again:)

So this past Sunday, we all gathered together.....Let's see there was a representation from almost every field, except for a politician:) There was a potter who is a triathloner, an animal advocate who is a world traveler, lawyer who is also a photographer, scientist who loves to fly fish, mortician who is also into jujitsu, an english teacher who is now an avid protester:), and me from a winery/distillery who is also a nanny. Definitlty an interesting crew when we all get together.

I was greeted with Sangria (that's a new brunch item, usually we start with bloody mary's), followed by a Sauvignon Blanc from the Loiré Valley in France, Rosé from Southern France, red blend from the Duoro Valley in Portugal, and an Oregon Pinot Noir. No judgement now, there were 7 of us. Ohhh, the perfect number according to religion:)

We had vegan sushi with eggplant sliced thin

and grilled with barbecued tofu and avocado inside the roll, cucumber and lemon roll stuffed with fresh veggies and mint, sesame rolls, and vegetable rolls with asparagus and peppers.

There was also marinated tofu with onions, marinated cucumbers with sesame; as well as all the accoutrements to make your own homemade spring rolls with seasoned noodles, grilled tofu, mint, basil, carrots, cucumbers, and peppers. After instructions were given by my FBnL as to how to make them, we were off rolling:)

We ended with a chocolate torte that the lawyer had made. So chocolatey rich and no flour involved.....pumpkin instead!

I love, love my Easter because it means time with family and friends that are like me. It feels good to start new traditions that are still based on a little of the old:)

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