Cafe Classico for one?

I stopped into Café Classico for lunch, guess I was feeling nostalgic.

I do love this place, great food, but never come here. Not sure why, just never do. I’d like to make it for dinner sometime, the dinner bar area looks fun. There are not a lot of vegan options, but they offer half soup/salad and sandwich for lunch…which is what I chose.

I got the West Coast, which was avocado, cucumber, tomato, fresh greens, (minus the chipotle mayo). The salad was lightly tossed in a balsamic vinaigrette with pine nuts and mandarin wedges. It all was really lovely.

So if you are craving a sandwich and salad/soup to remind you of your old days and don’t mind that your options are very limited then hit this place up. I suggest not coming here with another vegan friend…since if you share it’ll be basically eating the same thing.

Also you don’t have to worry about bringing your own Tupperware since, there’s not much waste. Very European of them:)