Let's celebrate Earth Day by shooting Fireworks over the Ohio River! WTF

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Fireworks and waterways

Thunder over Louisville pollution

The first time I thought fireworks were ugly was when I was in Hampton Beach, NH. No, I wasn't vegan or even vegetarian yet, but as the fireworks were going off over the ocean, there was a storm coming in, so there were clouds in the background. These clouds highlighted the smoke and pollution of the fireworks. Where did all that go? In the ocean for all the fish to 'deal' with. After witnessing the effect and thinking about what I had witnessed and been a part of that night, I have hated fireworks ever since.

So I think a lot of things in Louisville are a little weird, but shooting a cool million dollars of fireworks over the Ohio, the day before Earth Day-no less, ....I'm sorry that is just f---ing dumb.

Yes, the derby festival claims that the city receives 56x's that in revenue from that $100,000, but is that at all worth it? How much of that money is invested into wildlife, the suffering/anxiety of domesticated animals,

the river clean-up not just for fish, birds, otters, but even humans, (we are known as an allergy central because of the way the Ohio Valley is. We are warned before moving here, we breath easier when we move away, or we caution people about this fact before they move here. Why do you think fireworks would be any different! They definitely pollute and are a contributing factor to many things like allergies and asthma as well as

polluting the air, the waterways are affected. We drink from those people! People eat and catch fish from these polluted waterways! We have the largest display of fireworks in North America! I found these sites on pollution after fireworks are displayed. Both of these sites deal with fireworks and waterways as well.) Is that money invested in to social programs for people with PTSD and other illnesses that come to light during this display?

So I've been researching the cost and environmental impacts of Thunder, but like all 'shady' events, the facts are not easily accessible. I did find an opinion piece about Thunder over Louisville by a local high school that actually sheds some focus on this issue. Yeah, youth!

But besides some research that I have found, this feels like it should be a no brainer.

Is this really needed and something that we should celebrate, especially with the war on the EPA from the current administration? To add salt to the wound, tomorrow is Earth Day. Think about that! How messed up this is. Let's shoot a bunch of fireworks over a waterway that is needed by humans for survival and wildlife like: birds, fish, salamanders, frogs, possums, squirrels, deer, muskrats, raccoons, ducks, geese....the list would literally go on and on.

I understand it's about family fun as well, but is that really what we should be imparting to the next generation! "Fuck nature, we are the best species and have to be entertained! We are smarter!"

Well if we were so God-damned smart wouldn't we have evolved past this need to show our superiority, and don't get me started on the airshow that we have before the fireworks!

I'm listening to this stupid barrage as I'm writing this. Not even wanting to go outside to see the over 60 tons of fireworks that it takes to produce this unneeded display!

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