Athletes powered by plants!

Every year I go down to Central Park in Old Lou and cheer on the Derby mini and full-marathoners. I started making true, but ironic signs a couple years ago. I used to run mini's myself, and the funny signs were always what I appreciated most and powered me through to the finish line.

So the night before the race,

I had stopped by Walgreens to get neon posterboard for my signs. This year I had two vegan friends that were running the mini so I knew I wanted to say something about being vegan, veganism, or this site-Vegan is Good Karma; however I wasn't sure what to say.

As I sat down to make my sign, a funny reality came to me and so I wrote it down.

The race began at 7:30am downtown so I made my way over to the park a little before 8:00 to see the wheel-chaired athletes and the first of the runners.

Right off the bat spectators and eventually runners in the pack were shouting out to me that they were vegan, or there friend was. I had several runners hold there hand to their ear like a phone and shout "call me". I even had runners that circled back to take my picture with them, me, and my sign. There were athletes that had shirts of that said Peta, Runner Powered by Plants, No Meat Athlete.... It was so awesome, and inspiring. I've made up my mind to always focus on vegan signs at these events.

So powerful for me, but I'm sure inspiring to vegans running!