Seriously? You are up-charging me for non-dairy milk in my coffee?!

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Evolution of the Coffeehouse

Peet's Coffee-history




Highland Coffee

Flora's Kitchenette

I love, love, love getting coffee out! It makes me feel social and a great start to the day. However, I am seriously turned off by coffeeshops that up-charge for non-dairy milk. I have refused in protest to go to certain places over the years when they start to do this. I've even had some really, really good coffee that I wish for, but alas I won't go because of this.

So obviously coffee and even coffeehouses have been around for a while. Apparently milk has been added to coffee since the 1500's in order to 'soften' the brew. In the United States, coffeehouses started serving the dark brew in the 1700's. Espresso came to light in the 1940's, when a new invention was by Gaggia was produced (the commercial piston espresso machine-much faster and safer than prior models).

With this invention the serving of coffee and espresso was born.

In the 1950's coffeeshops became a place to gather and recite poetry for the beatniks. In the 1960's a place to gather with like minded individuals and artists that were 'hippies' or some were called Peetniks (the first Peet's coffeeshop was opened in Berkley, California in 1966) The 1970's started the Peet's expansion and birth of the first Starbucks (opened in 1971, at Pike's Place in Seattle. (Oh the we love thee).

Eventually they would pave the way for our obsession with the modern day coffeeshop.

Anyway, back to why I'm posting this. I feel this is very unfair. Dairy, which is an obvious health issue and planetary/pollutant is free of charge! This makes no sense! Putting non-dairy in your glass is a punishment. What?!? I feel like if you are going to charge for a non-dairy milk, then you should be charging for dairy milk as well. Call it an environmental tax! When did dairy milk become free of charge anyway? (Please someone tell me, I can't find documentation of that anywhere!)

A recent letter published by VegNews states the inconsistency of this practice better than I do here. Then there also seems to be inconsistencies what drink you up-charge on. I've been to coffeeshops around Louisville, sorry-Please and Thank You-I won't be going back to you! They charged me for a small coffee with soy over $! I found this article about up-charges that seems like it should only be for espresso drinks. So! WTF- are we all even on the same page. I don't think so!

So until I hear differently.....I will definitely

not be going to Please and Thank You (you told me your muffins were vegan-liers-get it together...and stop charging different prices for a small coffee with non-dairy! Once again get it together!

I will just be visiting those places that I know there is no, absolutely no up-charge.....that means basically Highland Coffee and Flora's Kitchenette.

(Let me know others I can add to this list!)