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As a vegan, we all know we eat weird shit! That's what makes it so interesting, and healthier:)

So currently

I am having a brunch of Miyoko's vegan cream cheese, pumpernickle bread (all courtesy of Trader Joe's) and a lentil salad which includes Kale, corn, mushrooms, edamame, onion, carrots, celery, tomatoes, and red pepper..... Yumm!

About Miyoko's, first of all I love them and her for starting this awesome company and animal rescue! So I have been anxiously waiting for her products at my beloved Trader Joe's. Yesterday as I was shopping, the cream cheese was there...."Yes", I said. I already had been purchasing their butter, but now TJs has added their smoky cream cheese. Keep adding, and I will keep buying! Spread on a bagel or pumpernickel bread and you are good to go. There are so many great things about this company and her products, but for me right now is that they contain no palm oil! A lot of vegan dairy alternatives have palm oil in their recipe, but not Miyoko's. So that moral dilemma for anyone that is against the palm oil industry, feel confident with buying her products.

So about eating.....all the vegans I know have the healthiest diets. Remember that old bit of advice, everything in moderation? Well moderation is important, but what I think is most important is the word.......everything. Everything that has good karma that is!

As far as oil's go, the less solid they are the better. Here is a list of good and bad oils. Now this link doesn't take into consideration moral dilemmas, just what is beneficial health-wise for humans. So palm oil is less healthy and a no-no on moral grounds.

Obviously, products that have palm oil in them are possibly vegan.....like oreos or even TJ's version:(....but they don't necessarily have good karma. Read the packaging, if palm oil is an ingredient than that is an easy decision for me not to buy that product. Save an orangutan and eat less sugary sweets/snacks....works for me.

Vegans are good about reading labels, except when a friend suggests a vegan option or you have been eating a product for years before you were aware. So after eating oreos for like a year, ....I re-read the allergen info at the bottom (this is a quick reference for people to look for..... it says only wheat and soy-phew it's vegan) then I read the whole list and palm oil stuck out.

Then the dilemma occurred....there is a Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil alliance and they realize that it is a large export for many countries that are struggling with poverty. So an overall boycott is not encouraged. So what can I do? Continue to educate myself and choose to buy only products that are part of the RSPO alliance or not at all.

Because I am unclear, I choose not to buy anything that I know has palm oil in it. However, it is so ingrained into products we buy, we as consumers are not even aware.

Ever seen SLS listed on your toothpaste?....the foaming agent in shampoos? Palm Oil derived products! (click here to view more terms to look for.

I just re-read my peanut butter pretzels that I love.....guess what Palm Oil....no more of them:(

Now I understand that there is an alliance of RSPO (Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil) so I scan the product to see where it lies....bummer no info:( I guess that means a definite no for now.

To learn more about Palm Oil and get an app that you can scan for use of Sustainable Palm Oil...see the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo site.

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