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I've never been good at costumes. I'm the type that just reaches into my weird closet and am able to piece something together naturally. So my first real costume that I got to entirely create was Cruella d'Ville. It was for school and the idea that I drove and behaved like Cruella d'Ville came from my friends older brother-who I totally had a thing for. Anyway, she and I were both musicians and absolutely loved musicals, so when the musical number of Cruella d'Ville came on the screen we became totally entranced for that 1 minute of music. (Click the link if you need a refresher of the song or what she looked like!)

So that year, I was Cruella.....didn't need to do anything with my crazy hair, but I did need to borrow a long coat to pull it off. Luckily it was VT, so it wasn't warm and so the coat I borrowed kept me warm and finished my look:)

In my adult years I was Cruella d'Ville again,

but this time I had purchased a fake fur coat. (So different from me now, I won't buy or even wear fake fur because it supports the look of fur being glamorous/fashionable!

I'm all about being as true to my vegan ways as possible and trying not to be a hypocrite or mistaken for one is important to I walk the walk as muh as possible.

(And yes that's me smoking a cigarette....YUCK!)

Years and years later, I was working for a wine store, and we needed to dress up in custom for Halloween. Once again I went into my closet and picked out a pretty good Princess Leia from the snow planet of the Hoth system. (Sorry guys and gals not the bronze bikini costume from the '83 film)

(Yes, I can be a star wars geek!) All I needed was to purchase a space gun from Walgreens and I was ready to roll.

As my costumes tell you, I've always had a thing for black and white colors, so when I first became aware of Anonymous for the Voiceless, I loved their mission and there look! So once again I was reaching into my closet for another costume, but this time all black. This was to be my first Cube of Truth, needless to say I was nervous, but it was in Louisville and in a part of town I knew where to park. With our all black clothing we gathered at the meeting place and were briefed then presented with masks 'Guy Fawkes' masks to wear. (Remember Guy Fawkes that blew up Parliament?) Now I new of the uniform before, but this just added to my feeling of belonging with my other animal rights educators.

(photo by Craig Tweddell)

Now I use the word educators, because that's what we are....we are informing the public when they are engaged with us. We are not proselytizing. People are usually generally engaged, and interested in talking to those that are outside the cube. Some are interested in the emotional aspect of veganism, some are only health, and some are both.

Within the cube, there is no talking and you are asked to hold laptap or ipads/surfaces that have video downloaded on them.

(photo by Craig Tweddell)

Since it was my first Cube, I was a little nervous, okay very nervous if you know me!:) They were totally well organized so much that I who had forgotten my computer was given one that was already ready to go. I just figured I'd be holding the sign that says TRUTH. I felt at ease the whole time, and the organizers did a nice job of making sure we were okay during our two hours of standing there.

It was totally cold, but as one said know the pigs coming to JBS are on truck for over 18 hours, traveling at 65 mph in the freezing cold. That helped to power me through the coldest times.

Over those 2 hours, we had 13 conversations that resulted in steps towards veganism....YEAH! Think of all the people that those 13 can influence as well. Amazing!

The people that you can educate to make clear and good decisions, besides all the people that I met that were of like mind was amazing.

I'm attending the next one, and crocheting a BLACK hat to wear. (Notice the pink pussyhat I was wearing!)

Thanks Craig Tweddell for some awesome photos, and if you are interested in volunteering join to AV Louisville page on facebook. Hint there's a Cube this weekend!

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