Brooks-not just your favorite running shoe anymore:)

So a perk of writing this blog is finding obscure wines to try and hope they are vegan. Well this time I chose a not so obscure wine....Pinot Blanc from a not obscure region....Willamette Valley so I wasn't thinking it would be vegan, but one can always hope. The word vegan is rarely put on the label, sometimes there will be a reference to vegan dishes that pair with the wine on the back label, but usually not.

So I went into tasting this wine, without that thought. It wasn't until my sister (Rescue Ranger) pointed out the sediment in the bottom.

I totally got super excited then, and remembered that I had read that they used cross filtration. I then emailed the winery, and they got back to me within 10 minutes, and this was Sunday....the day before New Years Eve even....and you should see her CV....go Janie! All their wines are fining! Whoo-hoo!

I knew I liked the wine, but now I had added love for it as well. This 2017 Pinot Blanc from Brooks Wines was phenomenal and not full of funkiness that I've been getting used to in my natural/vegan wines over the last year.

The wine was very clean and clear in the glass, with a golden sun-kissed wheat color. The legs were very fast moving, almost imperceptibly fast. The wine is at 12.5 ABV, but the fast legs might have more to do with weight of the wine.

The smell was of orange and lemon peel, orange blossom and small white flowers on trees overlooking river rock submerged in a small brook with running water, steel scent-clean metallic under the fruit tress in a field of dried hay.

The taste was refreshing with fruit flavors of peaches and even more of ripe pear, there was good acidity leading to the refreshingness of the wine and a finish medium of cinnamon pears with a little white pepper at the end.

All in all this is a great wine for people that like the taste of New Zealand sauvignon blanc, but the acidity of an Italian Pinot Grigio.

I'm definitely going to add this to my vegan wine wheel house, and you should too! Did I mention that all their wine is vegan as well?:)