2019 Big Salt from Ovum Wines

This wine from Ovum Wines is what I’d qualify as an Alsatian blend. It is a blend of 43% Riesling, 35% Gewurtztraminer, 11% Pinot Blanc, and 9% Muscat. This Oregon winery only produces white wines, mostly of Riesling and Gewurtztraminer. The vineyards are organic for these 35 year old vines, and like you’d expect from an Oregon winery they use native yeasts to ferment with. There is very little manipulation done to the wine or additives (all you headache people take notice!) Skin contact is a given for their Gewurztraminer (3 Days) and Riesling (3 hours). The other grapes are pressed whole cluster on this wine, allowing for fruity aromatics to pleasantly hit your nose, while the silkiness and body of the skin contact and the lees aging adds to the mouthfeel. They also use neutral oak or concrete eggs to ferment and age their wines on the lees which are dead yeast cells, these usually add more creaminess and body to the wines. 2019 Big Salt-Ovum Wines This dry white wine has fast forming legs that drip down the glass pretty fast. This wine is at 12.5 ABV, but has some residual sugar in the way the legs form and drip. The scent is of peaches and pears from your delmonte fruit cups from the 80s. They were always my fav! Theres also lychee, passionflower, sweet hay, and marjoram. Now don't let the smell deceive you into thinking this aromatic white is sweet. It is not. The smell is deceptive with the taste, you expect sugary tastes like gumdrops (No not the spice kind! Yuck!!) The acidity builds to a very dry finish. You get more tastes of subtle just peeled mandarin orange, pear, lychee, spicy white pepper, and fresh jalapeño. The finish lasts for a long time, which that white pepper and jalapeño elongate throughout the finish, Because of this spicy finish, you are really aware of how dry this aromatic white really is.

You can find this wine for 21.99 at Waterfront Wine and Spirits.