2019 Dolcetto d'Alba from Gianfranco Alessandria

The Alba area was designated its own DOC (Italian classification system) in 2010. So it's a young region from that standpoint, however this area has been known as having quality grapes for a longtime. This area is located in around the town of Alba in Piedmont/Piemonte Italy, which is in the southwest of that region.

Dolcetto is the third most known red grape in Piedmont, just behind Barolo and Barbaresco (made from the Nebbiolo grape). Dolcetto is a grape all its own, and for a longtime I associated it a lighter grape, and it is with its lower acidity, but it has medium tannins...so it's heavier feeling than a Pinot Noir. It's more like a Zweigelt from Austria. (If you haven't tried a Zweigelt, do it!)

The Gianfranco Alessandria winery has family owned vineyard so the bottling is all on the estate....no Coop here! With the help of his wife and daughter, they use minimal manipulation and are stewards of the land. You can tell in the quality of their wines, which also include Barbara and Nebbiolo.

2019 Dolcetto d'Alba from Gianfranco Alessandria

The look is of magenta with some ruby highlights, but also purple hues.

The legs are slow to form, but once they do the run down the glass at a medium speed, indicating that this wine has medium alcohol for this old world wine.

The smell is of violet, thyme, dusty raspberry, chocolate, and tart blueberries.

The taste is of cherry cola, black-raspberry, black pepper, roasted chicory coffee, and sage

That low acidity and medium tannins makes this wine great for food that pairs well with umami (mushrooms/dishes with soy sauce0 that will bring more fruit elements forward and makes the tannins even more subtle.

You can find this wine at Waterfront Wine and Spirits for 17.99.