2019 Unoaked Chardonnay from Natura

This wine from Natura isn't necessarily going to knock your socks off, but when you weigh in all the factors of a $12 bottle at Waterfront Wine and Spirits that's organic, sustainable grown, environmentally friendly, possibly biodynamic, and definitely vegan, maybe it will!

Now you may wonder....how can a wine with all these labels attached to them still be able to fulfill all these requirements at this low price point?

Well first of all it helps to be owned by an influential family-aka money. Natura is one of the brands from Emiliana, which is the largest organic winery in the world. Yes, the whole wide world! Emiliana owns the Natura label and that is owned and operated by the Guilisasti family. The head of the family is Eduardo Guilisasti, who is the CEO for Concho y Toro. Maybe you've heard of some of their labels: Don Melchor, Frontera, Casillera del Diablo, Amelia, Gravas...okay I'm going to stop because there are soooo many more! They are considered one of the largest wine producers in Chile and have been in operation since 1803. (The company was and is large enough to buy several brands from Brown Forman....including little known brands like Bonterra and Fetzer-:) So with all these brands/labels and this connection, you can see how the price point can be on the lower side.

The Guilisasti family is considered one of the most influential wine families in Chile, and is very forward thinking. The family definitely hit the wine trend right, since they bought vineyards in the late 80's and created Emiliana and it's all organic and biodynamic wines labels/brands.. (Chile has been trying to break into the international wine scene as a true competitor since the late 90's.) Emiliana encompasses the Adobe/Natura label (hence why all this talk about them) and with the current trend for organic, then biodynamic, and now vegan...can we say they are trend setters yet?

On a side note: I've been telling people for years that Chile is the best bang for their buck. Really great wines, that were super cheap. People are finally catching on, and so Chilean wines are getting a little more expensive, but the Natura label is staying at that lower price point. With all this in mind it makes for a great every night bottle. There's also the Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Noir, Carmenere, Merlot. and Cabernet Sauvignon. You can drink these wines 6 days a week, and leave the 7th day to a $30 bottle. Now that is assuming you are like me, and drink everyday of the week:) You'd still be able to hit your $100 a week wine budget!

(Under the Emiliana brand is lines such as Signos de Origen, Adobe-which is called Natura in the US-Adobe was already taken:), Coyum, and others..)

So now about the wine itself: The look of this 2019 Unoaked Chardonnay from Natura is a bright, pale yellow. There are thick, medium sized legs, that travel down the glass at a medium speed. The abv on this wine is 13.5, so not too high and not too low. So a goldilocks Chardonnay:) There is some rim variation, but not a lot because it is so young.

The smell is spiced, golden apple followed by apricot, with fresh torn basil leaves with its sweet herbal essence, and subtle brook rock. The taste is tart green apple with some passionflower, and mandarin peel. The apple changes to golden apple as the wine warms up.

Overall a great party wine or an every nighter. Also you'll hit buttons for those that shop organic or vegan:)