When two passions collide:)

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Waterfront Wine and Spirits

Huia and Hunky Dory



Field Recordings


Daou Vineyards

Populis/Les Lunes






So I've been tasked to combine two things that I love together....wine and my veganism at a local wine shop, Waterfront Wine and Spirits:)

Now you might remember me writing another blog post about wines and how most are not vegan. I'll refresh your mind if need be, basically most modern wines are not vegan because of the fining process. Winemakers use casein (a milk protein), albumin (egg whites), gelatin (animal protein) and isinglass (fish bladder) to clarify their wines. Now they could wait, and let nature run its course of eventually clarifying through letting things settle and separate, but who are we kidding? Consumers are impatient, and we want our wines now! Wine makers know that, so these fining agents are employed.

However, the trends of consumerism are beginning to change. Many wine makers recognize that there is a desire for unprocessed wines. The want to return to simpler times, when wine was not as processed, a return to the way wines once were.

Vegans have taken ahold of the natural wine world (which don't use any fining agents), because it is easy proof that a wine is vegan. However, you don't always want the funky flavors that a lot of natural wines have. There is now the trend to use vegan friendly fining processes like bentonite (clay) and cross flow filtration.

Here's the proof of this trend, I emailed and facebook a lpot of wineries the other day. I am pleased to report that I got more positive than negative responses.

So who did I contact? Lets see....

New Zealand:

Huia/Hunky Dory whites since 2013 and Pinot Noir since 2010


Natura (whites and reds)

California: Iconic (whites, reds, and rosé all after 2014),

Field Recordings (orange wines, whites, and reds)

Schug (whites after 2013 and reds after 2015)

Daou Vineyards (whites and reds )

Populis and les Lunes (more in the natural category)

Oregon: Brooks (whites, reds, and rosé)

Montinore Borealis (white blend)


MollyDooker (whites, reds, and rosé)


Hugel (white blend)


Contratto and Spinetta (sparkling, whites, reds, and rosé)

OMG that was a lot of links:)

Love for vegan wine coming up at Waterfront Wine and Spirits on January 24th from 5:30-7:30:)