Smoky Cashew Cheese:)

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Lovingitvegan-original recipe

If you know me, you know I can't follow a recipe, I always have to fuck with it. Even when I make it up

it'll never be the same, because I always gotta be not twerking:)

So I've been adjusting this cashew recipe I found online. I found it on

What I liked about this recipe was it looked pretty easy, and the hardest thing to find would be the agar agar.

I found everything at my local supermarket, but had to make a special trip to a local health food store to find the agar agar. Now the original recipe had it in powder form, but I could only find flakes. I tripled it like it said, but the next time a quadrupled it.

So after much tweaking 3 times on this recipe: I've come up with a set recipe, except the spices that I'll use will depend on what I'm making for flavor.


First list:

1 1/2 cup of cashews (Raw or Roasted, if with salt, just use less elsewhere)

1 peeled carrot

1 large, very ripe juicy lemon

1/4 cup of tahini

2 Tbsp of coconut oil

1/3 water

1 tsp salt

1 tsp of liquid smoke or soy sauce

1 tsp of powdered mustard

1 tsp of garlic powder (not salt)

1tsp of paprika/smoke paprika

1 tsp of dried lemon peel

1/3 cup of nutritional yeast

(get the fortified, we all need our B12!

2nd list:

1 cup water

4 tblspoons of agar agar

Cellophane or parchment in bowls to chill/mold the cheese

Options: here is where you add your other spices or herbs of choice like:

Trader Joe's Everything Blend, Turmeric, Mushroom Seasoning, Smoke sea salt, Cayenne, Tomato powder/Dried basil, Herbs of provence.

In a food processor (love my Ninja!) combine all ingredients from the first list. Pureé them together, this takes longer than you think to get the right consistency. Get things as smooth as possible.

Line small bowl, or one large one with the cellophane or the parchment.

Next boil the 1 cup of water, and add the agar agar flakes. Boil for about a minute then add it to the food processor. Blend this with the original ingredients. Warning: this will set up quickly.

Add to small bowls, or one large bowl and place in fridge to chill and set. The cheese is ready to serve after 1 hour, but the longer it sits the firmer it gets. The cheese can also be frozen to thaw for later use.

The cheese can be eaten as is, or can be added to many recipes to add fat and flavor:)

Next time I'm thinking adding herbs of provence and adding some of Miyoko's butter and cut the tahini in half. (I use her products almost exclusively since there is no palm oil, and they taste amazing!) See I told you, always tweaking