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Stolpman Vineyards

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So I've been seeing the Stolpman owl on my strolls around the shop (Waterfront Wine and Spirits-great vegan wine selection-ask for their exclusive list!) and yesterday I decided to treat myself to a bottle of their red. It's okay, you see it's my bday tomorrow-so that means I can celebrate all weekend right?!

Anyway, I was emailing a bunch of wineries to verify if they were vegan or not. (Yes, that's what you have to do since it's hardly ever stated on the label!) Well Stolpman got back to me that all their wines are vegan. Whoo-hoo!

So I walked up to the owl bottle and purchased it. It was pretty late, when I finally got to open the bottle at home.

The wine is a dark pretty, but bold purple with red sparkling highlights. The blend is 85% syrah and 15% petit verdot. Now with having those two grapes, I wasn't sure that I'd be able to drink a glass properly without food, but I was wrong.

The first thing I noticed on the scent was nostalgia. Weird! I never think about my childhood, but the wine brought me back to my parents' property in Vermont, and specifically to the pond in front. (Yes, we had two ponds, the 'beaver' pond in front and the 'fox' pond over the stream and through the woods-technically it was on the way to Grandmother's house 'but she lived another 10 miles away in town itself!:)

Now this pond was not stinky, but filled by a freezing cold fresh mountain stream, numerous underwater springs, and was full of fish, frogs, noots (salamanders), ducks, and also beavers at times.

The wine smelled like with a little funk/earthiness at first, almost like squishing mud between your toes. With boysenberry and wild strawberry elements. Yes, we had strawberries that would appear in the grass that we would eat. They were sweet, but herbal vegetative qualities. I was also reminded of the fresh cattails that would border the sides of the pond and the daisies that would grow on the bank by the pond.

(The cattails and daisies are mom's favorites, she even had her wedding bouquet made of daisies-yup once she likes something it stays:) Right, Dad?!

That was all just in the scent! So would I recommend this wine? You betcha!

Then the taste. The barely ripe blackberry and raspberry flavors of the wine, reminded me up picking fresh berries of varying sizes and ripeness on the powerline. (Yes, there was the constant hum of electricity moving up and down the lines as we picked, but the berries were amazing.)

We would crush them add a little sugar because they were tart and tangy like the wine, and put them in play pie-tins and eat the mixture raw. There were some slight smoke elements as well It reminded me of my folks' chimminia that crackled with burning wood, and sent smoke up the pipe so there was just a hint of smoke. We would then all take blue-raspberry Jell-O shots (Just kidding!)

All in all this was a very fun wine, and I am looking forward to trying more of their line-up. Did I mention that all their wines are Vegan?! Score!!!!