There's nothing fake about this Fiction!

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This wine is so aptly named it's scary:)

So I first became aware of wines by Field Recordings, when I

ordered an orange wine at my friends' restaurant/wine bar. He owns Nouvelle, a beautiful place and he is awesome.

(Imagine drinking wine in a zen garden, that's literally what his outside courtyard feels/looks like!)

Anyway, I was impressed with the orange wine from them, so when my friend came into town I brought her and her husband to the shop I'm at, (Waterfront Wine and Spirits), and we got a bottle of their Fiction red.

(So a field recording was used to record music and other aural arts in their natural environment of creation. So it is a meld of the traditional with modern technology.) With that name it is needless to say there is so much going on in this wine, a true testament to modern ingenuity, but with adherence to the past. I was further impressed when I found out all their wines were vegan.

This wine from Paso Robles, California is a blend of many grapes, but is mostly Zinfandel based, with Syrah, Mouvedré, Cabernet Sauvignon, Touriga Nacional, and Carignan. See I told you there was a lot going on.

To start off with the color is very dark a thick, murky red with purple hints. It is opaque and has some cloudiness to it. The scent is full of pepper and tobacco at first, then blossoms into cigar-box, dried currants, a little rose petal, lavender, followed by potting soil, smoky anise, and baby-bella mushrooms. Whew, think I got it all!

Then the taste is where this wine really shines and develops. The acidity is medium to low, but with flavors of dove dark chocolate, slight vanilla to hint at some oak aging. The fruits are of fresh blueberry, cooked blackberry, and smoky BBQ sauce.

The scent and the flavor is why I feel this wine really encompasses the idea of the word Fiction. It's like the book Post Oh!Pocalypto Poppycock by Truant D. Memphis, full of colorful characters with an ever developing plot line that races to an extravagant finish.

Right Stevie-two-Sharks!