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I was at the gym this morning using their TRX. It's a suspension training system for multiple muscle groups. (Check out the link, if you have no idea what I'm talking about. I love it, and have been infatuated with it since I lived off Frankfort Avenue where I was exposed to it at the BeWell studio.)

Part of why I love TRX, is that you only need to clean it at the beginning and end of your session. You can hit multiple muscles groups without that interruption of cleaning after you change to a different exercise.

Whenever I use something at the gym, I clean before and after because I don't trust the person before me to have done a thorough job of cleaning, there's also a good chance that it didn't happen at all. (Yes, I'm stereotypically gonna call out guys on that one! I also clean after, because I don't want to be an asshole! Sorry gym dudes, but actually not sorry. (Those that don't clean are just plain mean-the rhyming had to happen:)

While I am working out, I like to listen to podcasts. So I started listening to the podcast....The AngryVegan. I personally think vegans get a bad rap of being fanatical so I asked them about the choice of the name:

We are called "The Angry Vegan" because we are angry about the injustice that is happening to the trillions of animals slaughtered every year. We intend to always keep the victims perspective in mind. A stereotype of vegans is that they are angry and no fun which keeps some vegans quiet so they don't appear this way. Instead of backing away from this, we decided to own it. It's ok to be angry about the horrifying things that are happening to animals at this very moment.

I like the part of it when they said they decided to own it.

I first became aware of this podcast when I volunteered for the Cube of Truth put on by the Louisville chapter of Anonymous for the Voiceless. Some of the organizers were talking about this new podcast, and since I love my podcasts, my veganism, and it's based in Louisville; I decided to check it out.

The episode I was listening to featured the hosts talking about working with the vegan drag queen Honey LaBronx. Apparently, she raises money and awareness around the country through her show that incorporates her veganism. Awesome!

After talking about the event they did with her, one of the speakers on the podcast was talking about the dating app Bumble that she was currently on.

Apparently, there was a cute, but very active hunter on the site. She basically asked if he wanted to talk about animal rights. He hadn't responded to her question at that point, so I'm sure what came of it, but it got me to thinking about my own dating life.

Now, I've been very aware for a while that dating non-vegans seemed to be my only option in Louisville. I was okay with that, but obviously preferred it was different.

I've also joked for a

while with my sister Rescue Ranger, that this is why I date, to turn as many people vegan/expose them to my lifestyle. I sometimes feel like the weirdo,

but usually people are generally curious about it. After hearing her, I have a new philosophy about it, so here is goes:

So at the end of the Cube of Truth,

we are told how many conversations happened that might result in veganism, or at least a change of philosophy towards it. I think I'll do the same, continue to date a lot,

and I mean a lot of people,

and hopefully turn some ingrained philosophies about animals and their right to live one date at a time!