Michel Chapoutier you have my vote:)


Waterfront Wine and Spirits

Now there are very few wine stores, if any in the state or even in the whole country that cater to vegans.

I've been in countless wine stores, and the sales person may know 1 or 2 possibly vegan wines, but our store has well over a hundred vegan wines.

You don't even have to ask to find them, they are all labeled!

What?! That's awesome! As you know most wines will not say if they are vegan or not, so here at Waterfront Wine and Spirits, we did the research by emailing wineries, distributors, and importers for our vegan customers.

So the vegan wine I am going to talk about this time is from the vines of Bila-Haut located in the Roussillon/Languedoc area of Southern France.

The producer is Michel Chapoutier, who has been in the wine business since his late 20s in the 1990s.

This 2015 white wine is a blend of Blend of Grenache Blanc, Grenache Gris, Macabeu (Viura). The look is a pale yellow, with some tinge of color from the Grenache Gris. Almost a Provence rosé in its orangey-pink color.

The scent is fresh pineapple, mango skin, with very mild acidity do so to where it was grown, and some aging. There are hints of chamomile, wet river pebbles, and a wisp of dew and even white smoke, followed by some sun-kissed honey as well. The taste is like a honey comb, more earthy than sweet; pear, cayenne, and lemon peel. Very refreshing, but with a nice silky body.

I can see people that like Chardonnays from Sonoma, Sauvignon Blancs from the Loire, or even a lees aged Albarino from Spain would love this wine.

So their you go, your assignment is to pick up any wine from Michel Chapoutier, because they are all vegan, around $14 and fabulous!