2017 Pets-Field Recordings

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So my boss from Waterfront Wine and Spirits just left.....and he left me with a bottle of Pets from Field Recordings...so what made the most sense to me was to review it so obviously I had to drink it!

So to get this out of the way:

#1 anything from Field Recordings I love

#2 they are vegan...whoo-hoo!

#3 it's a great wine for under $20

Okay, that being said, let's talk about this wine. This is 100% Petit Sirah from the Koligian vineyard in Paso Robles. So it's a single vineyard! This vineyard is dry farmed, in other words there is no irrigation. Minimal manipulation happens, and puts a strain on the vines, which produces the best grapes-smaller so more surface area to juice ration for color and tannins and more concentration for more fruit flavors.

The wine is almost opaque with rosy purple tints. Its legs are thick and not very fast. The abv is 14.2, but there is some residual sugar that the thick tears lead me to.

The scent is of cooked blackberry jam with orange coulis, followed by mushroom is loose potting soil. There's a hint of the herbaceaousness of evergreen trees in a wet forest and sage, ending with tart hibiscus tea, and spicy musk.

The taste is of fresh picked blackberry, followed by cooked tart raspberries, black pepper, and a long dark chocolate finish. So there is oak aging on this wine, but with more toasted qualities than vanilla. There is good acidity to this wine as well. So between the acidity levels and the tannins from the grapes themselves and the oak this wine definitely has the ability to age and continue to develop. However, you can totally enjoy this wine right now, which I am:)